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15 Must Make Crockpot Meals

As we get ready to brace ourselves for the back- to- school hustle and bustle, time-saving meals are like a life boat in a sea of homework, football practice, gymnastics and parent-teacher meetings.   But even though 30 minute meals in a skillet can help us cook up food in a jiffy, there is no better time-saving meal invention than the crockpot.

While the grill has been the star of the show this summer, it’s now the time of year to dust off our slow-cookers and say “hello!” to warm stews and the many other glorious recipes that miraculously deliver on the promise to be awaiting you when you arrive home from your busy day with a simple supper salvation.

What better way to kick off the new school year than with some new tasty recipes to add to our cooking repertoire!  So I have comprised a list of my must make crockpot meals from websites and food bloggers for you and your family to enjoy a marvelous dinner together!

  1. The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken and Broccoli 

chicken and broccoli


2.  Taste of Home’s Slow-Cooker Vegetable Soupbeef stew


3. Country Living’s Chicken Tortilla Soupchicken tortilla soup


4. Country Living’s Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwichesslow cooker pulled pork


5. Simply Recipe’s Chicken Rice Casseroleslow-cooker-chicken-rice-casserole-vertical-a-1200


6. 365 Days of Slow-Cooking’s Zucchini Lasagnacrockpot-zucchini-noodle-lasagna-recipe-with-sausage.jpg


7. Recipe Girl’s Ginger and Orange Glazed Pot RoastSlow-Cooker-Orange-Beef-Roast


8. A Southern Fairytale’s Rosemary Citrus Garlic Chickencitrus chicken


9. Slow-Cooker Chicken and Dumplings by How Sweet It Iscdumplings-2


10.  Picky Palates’s Lemon Honey & Dijon ChickenSlow-Cooker-Lemon-Honey-and-Dijon-Chicken


11. Add A Pinch’s Slow-Cooker Beef Zitislow-cooker-beefy-ziti-recipe-1-602x399


12. The Pioneer Woman’s Slow-Cooker Asian Chicken Lettuce CupsSlow-Cooker-Asian-Lettuce-Cups-02-420x271


13. Crockpot Guy’s Pasta Fagiolipasta-e-fagioli-575x262


14. Spicy Steak Fajitas by Get Crockedspicy-steak-fajitas-new-web


15. A Busy Mom’s Slow -Cooker Adventure’s Enchilada CasseroleEnchilada


15 yummy crockpot wonders… over two weeks worth of meals…you’re welcome! Hope you take advantage of these easy recipes and more time spent with your family, not your kitchen!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker

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Grandma B’s Wonder Frosting



Often, the most cherished recipes aren’t discovered in renowned cook books written by world class famous chefs or even the top selling dishes at five star restaurants.  In our family, the best recipes are passed down from the archives in Grandma’s test kitchen—where love is always the first ingredient and the portions of food are just as abundant as hugs and kisses. But of all the recipes that have adorned our tables for years, one in particular remains the undefeated champion: Grandma B’s frosting.

Grandma always called it wonder cake frosting—I’m guessing because it’s simply so wonderful and has marveled our family for generations. Traditionally, my grandmother used this icing for her wonder red cake, as opposed to the commonly known cream cheese frosting.  But the icing was so good, it became the only icing for every cake in our house. And I have adopted the beloved tradition to share with my family and friends. Store-bought icing doesn’t hold a candle to this icing—it truly takes the cake.


Grandma B’s Wonder Frosting


 2 ½ Tbs. Flour

½ Cup Milk

¼ Cup Crisco

¼ Cup Butter, softened at room temperature

½ Cup Granulated Sugar

½ Tsp. Vanilla Extract



 Combine flour and milk in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat until mixture thickens to a sauce.  Remove from heat and let cool to lukewarm.  Cream together Crisco and butter. Add sugar and vanilla.  Add the milk mixture to the butter mixture and beat with a mixer until light and fluffy.


Don’t attempt to deprive yourself and wait for a birthday or special celebration in order to have a reason to make this recipe—  you don’t even have to wait until after dinner. In the wise words of my Dad: “Life’s short—eat dessert first!” Enjoy!


God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker



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Homerun Banana Split Yogurt Pops



When my kids come in from a long day of playing outside, the first thing they do is ransack the freezer for a sweet treat to cool them down. But even though I usually stock up on the store- bought staple popsicles, sometimes I prefer to offer them a healthier substitute to beat the heat. When I began brainstorming for a healthy- but delectable- summer delight, I dug through my memory bank and recaptured my teen years, working on hot summer days at Dairy Queen- serving up the customers looking to satisfy their hankering for a sweet novelty. I particularly recall cringing at the sight of the endlessly unloading minivans jam packed with anxiously hungry little leaguers after their victory games.

The whole Dairy Queen team braced themselves, awaiting the inevitable storm that was about to erupt. It was like watching a tornado of uniforms heading towards the door. But the storm died down as each player caught their treats. One of the favorite menu items ordered from these eager eaters was the classic banana split- three mounds of rich vanilla ice cream- one mound covered with smooth chocolate syrup, one with tangy pineapple chunks and one with sweet strawberries. A halved banana was placed on each side of the mountainous dreamy dessert, topped off with a generous portion of whipped cream. Am I making you hungry? But don’t’ touch those car keys just yet- let me finish before you decide to scurry out the door to your local Dairy Queen!

The banana split sounds just about perfect, huh? But however delectable the banana split is, it still didn’t solve my dilemma to find a healthy snack. Thankfully, as it turns out, that minimum wage job at Dairy Queen actually paid off when my ah ha moment inspired me to make this: a banana split yogurt pop. It contains the decadent and refreshing ingredients of a banana split without all the sugary guilt from ice cream.  You will be the Mom MVP with your little ones with this winning recipe! When your kids go out to the ball game, they won’t be asking for peanuts and cracker jacks any more. These pops are perfect to pack in a cooler for those family picnics, baseball games and trips to the pool! Warning: may attract neighbor kids and other spectators. Make sure to make enough for extra mouths and extra innings! The flavors will knock your taste buds out of the park!

Homerun Banana Split Yogurt Pops

3 Strawberries, hulled

1 Banana, cut into chunks

1 Tb. Chocolate Syrup

1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

16 oz. Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Juice from a 20 oz. can of Pineapple chunks, plus 1/3 of the Pineapples

6-8 Plastic Freezer Pop Molds

Add the strawberries, banana, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, Greek yogurt, pineapple juice and pineapple chunks into a blender. Blend until mixture is smooth. Disperse equally into freezer molds. Freeze for 8 hours. Before devouring, run each mold under warm water for 30 seconds to easily remove the yogurt pops. Feed to sweaty and ravenous children!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker

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Chipotle on A Chip: Easy Corn & Black Bean Salsa

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

One of my favorite simple pleasures of summer is the food- it’s light, bright and fresh! So much variety of in- season produce to inspire new kitchen creations and mouth-watering recipes! But out of all the delicious choices of summer cuisine, somehow we still manage to get stumped with what to make for the summertime pot-lucks, BBQs or church picnics we get invited to. That’s why I am sharing my go-to recipe for my corn and black bean salsa. This salsa is the essence of summer- full of vibrant colors and refreshing! My love story with this salsa began when I was asked to bring an appetizer to my Sunday family BBQ. As I began skimming through my recipe book, I decided I wanted to try something new. I happened to be enjoying my burrito bowl at the moment when I discovered the answer was right in front of me: a simple corn and black bean salsa- affectionately now known as Chipotle on a chip!

This salsa is the perfect compliment to any summer gathering or get together. It’s like your favorite flip flops- simple and versatile. The only difficult thing about this salsa is the self-discipline required to actually save some for other people. This dish is also incredibly easy to multiply in the event you need to make a double recipe- for those times you have to feed a crowd or just have a severe hankering, which I must warn you, is a common side effect. To make this recipe even easier, I use frozen steam fresh corn- no one will ever know! But you can always use fresh corn off the cobb as a delicious substitute – and if you’re feeling ambitious! You can even add grilled chicken and wrap it in a taco to make it a meal!

Easy Corn & Black Bean Salsa


1 bag (10 oz.) frozen steam fresh corn

2 tomatoes, such as hydroponic, washed and diced

1 small red onion, diced

1 can (14.5 oz.) black beans, drained and rinsed

2 limes

¼ cup fresh cilantro, roughly chopped

Salt and pepper, to taste

Tortilla chips, for dipping


  1. First-and this is the tricky part- microwave (yes, I said microwave) the bag of corn according to package directions.
  2. Meanwhile, dice the onions and tomatoes and place in a large bowl.
  3. Add the beans to the bowl.
  4. Cut the limes in half and juice each lime, making sure no seeds fall into the bowl
  5. Immediately, when the corn is done, add to the rest of the ingredients. It is key the corn is hot so it can absorb the juices of the tomatoes and lime.
  6. Salt and pepper the salsa, to taste (make sure it is adequately salted)!
  7. Add the fresh cilantro. Stir the salsa all together.
  8. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours, but up to 24 hours for the flavors to get to know one another.

I hope you enjoy this simple, yet scrumptious salsa with your family and friends! This has become a beloved summer staple in my home and I know you will adopt it as one of your favorites too!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker